Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Its Official

My First Balchin Bunch Blog Post

As I was debating back and forth on whether or not to start my own blog, the big idea thought came to me - instead of blasting Facebook, Twitter and Instagram with photos, statuses, videos etc of my life events and current happenings, I should just write about it! And add on those other elements to explain more in depth the day-to-day excitement of The Balchin Bunch.

My opinion is, if you get tired seeing and hearing about my adorable child on all of  the social media that I participate in, then please, by all means unfriend me, and unfollow me, BUT- if you want to see and hear more--read my blog :).

Maci Julianna Balchin is by far, the best thing to ever happen to Travis and I. She amazes me everyday, with her sassy comebacks, impeccable memory, and angelic smile. As she grows and learns new things, my heart aches for her to stay a baby just a little bit longer but then again I am enthralled by the idea of watching her grow in to a smart young woman. As I tell her my usually, "you're my favorite," every night before she goes to bed, I wonder, "How long can I keep telling her that before we decide to have another baby and I will have to omit that statement?"

So now, as I have Baby Balchin #2 on the brain, I go through my daily rituals with a tiny voice in the back of my head asking, "Would I be able to do this with two?, How much more is daycare for two instead of one?, Would it be cheaper if I had another girl? How do families decide when its time to have another child? etc.

The baby talk doesnt just stay in my head, it usually waterfalls out of my mouth to any mother I talk to, or co-worker, or client, or cashier at Publix--you get the gist. I HAVE BABY FEVER.

In conclusion, we can't decide. To have another or to wait. Maci would have a playmate, but can we juggle our careers, home life, and extracuriculiars with four instead of three??? --Stay tuned for more from The Balchin Bunch......................


  1. Welcome to the club my friend :) Adding you to my daily feed!!

  2. ya on my daily feed! and i believe baby #2 would be wonderful :)